Galactic Funk Constellations - 2 x Vinyl (Coloured)

We have searched the outer reaches of the universe to bring you 12 specially commissioned tracks from some of electro’s brightest stars.

Galactic Funk — Constellations is available on double coloured vinyl (Includes FREE digital Download)

Dark Vektor - Cepheus
Artificial Arm - Leo
Direct Control - Monoceros
Diplomat - Andromeda
Daniel Savio - Aries (Morning Star)
Kalson - Triangulum
Funkmaster Ozone, Rony Blue, Diplomat, Dapo & Mirage - Phoenix
Mandroid - Orion
Invisible Rockers Crew - Crater (Galaxy Rock Edit)
Beagle - Fornax
Sace2 - Hydra
Vim Cortez - Microscopium

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